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How To Make An Insurance Claim On Your Roof

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How To Make An Insurance Claim On Your Roof In Charleston NC


  1. Contact your Insurance Agent to request a free inspection on your roof by one of their adjusters who are a qualified roofing contractor Charleston NC.

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  1. An adjuster will be sent & assigned to inspect and evaluate your roof.

Make the utmost effort to be present for their inspection to obtain a clear understanding of their evaluation.


  1. The claims adjuster should & will provide you with an itemized detailed explanation of their inspection on your roof.
  2. Be aware that your deductible amount will be subtracted from the amount paid on your claim. B. Often your claim will be “Depreciated” to an extent, however, most policies grant full Replacement Cost coverage on your Charleson roof. In this case, the depreciation will be repaid to you upon submitting a paid invoice to your insurance company. C. Frequently your insurance broker draft checks will be issued in the name of the Homeowner and Mortgage company. It will be required to obtain all necessary and madatory endorsements before the checks are valid for payment.
  3. Contact a roofing professional for a free estimate.

After making your initial call to the insurance company the professionals at Bennett Roofing will be glad to assist you in the claims process(at your request) by providing you with a free estimate, reviewing your claim settlement for accuracy and getting necessary endorsements on your insurance drafts.

At Alpha Omega Roofing Charleston SC we realize that the insurance claims process can be overwhelming.   You have a right to have the damage to your home completely repaired and returned back to its original condition.    Face it, your insurance company does not have your complete interests at heart. Their primary responsibility is to be profitable for its shareholders.  So there is a conflict of interests that can affect your claim settlement.


We have the experience necessary and we have worked hundreds of claims so we know how to make sure that you get the insurance settlement that you are entitled to under your insurance agreement.

Claims Settling Tips For Your Roof:

Track all expenses associated with the loss. They may be reimbursable under your homeowners insurance policy. Examples could include mileage and meal expenses if called into court for the claim or temporary repairs made to protect against additional damage.

Keep copies of all your paperwork for future reference.

Don’t start permanent repairs until the insurance company claims adjuster has assessed the damage and you’ve been given the go-ahead.

You have the right to choose the contractor. Your insurer may provide you with a list of pre-approved contractors to save time and hassle, or you may be asked to obtain written estimates from a few licensed contractors of your own choosing. Regardless of the procedure, the policyholder has the final say in contractor selection.

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You have the right to negotiate the settlement amount. If you’re having a difficult time with the adjuster, contact the company directly and be firm and ask to speak with the consumer services department or the claims division manager. If you still find the settlement unacceptable, follow the appraisal procedure outlined in the insurance policy. Most appraisal procedures work by you hiring an independent appraiser at your expense. Once the appraiser reaches an agreement, then the claim is settled at that amount in full.

Get Help With Your Claim On Your Damaged Roof

If you feel that you’ve exhausted all efforts with the insurance company, call the Charlotte NC Department of Insurance Consumer Hotline at 1-512-322-2266. The department, which regulates all insurance agents and companies within the state, will provide you with information and advice on how to proceed.

If you still can not reach an agreement don’t be sad, you always have the option of seeking outside legal advice. Remember, you are responsible for these legal fees. But by obtaining the legal counsel you sacrifice the ability to represent yourself directly with the insurance company. All future correspondence regarding the claim is then handled through your attorney.

Note: Insurance Claims from damage due to natural occurrences such as wind and hail will not affect your premiums.

Atlanta Roof Business Working Hard To Make Your New Roof Envirnomentaly Friendly

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Atlanta Business Alpha Omega Winning The Green Roof Race

Since green rooftops decrease the surface temperature of a rooftop by limiting warmth engrossing surfaces, a green rooftop diminishes vitality costs inside the structure also, for an organization in Roofing Atlanta GA For instance, on a 90-degree day, while a blacktop rooftop surface can be as hot as 160 degrees, a commonplace green rooftop temperature might be 95 degrees.

A green rooftop shields rooftop layers from extraordinary temperature variances and the negative effect of bright radiation. An Alpha Omega green rooftop can twofold the life expectancy of a traditional rooftop. With appropriate support, you can ensure your organizations in Atlanta GA and drawing out the life of your rooftop.

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The urban warmth island is the overheating of urban and rural regions, with respect to the encompassing farmland, because of expanded cleared, worked over, and hard surface territories. Assert age summer temperatures in significant urban areas crosswise over North America have been on the ascent over the previous decade. These falsely high summer temperatures have a scope of immediate and backhanded negative effects on our personal satisfaction. The urban warmth island impact expands the utilization of greater power for forced air systems and it builds the rate at which synthetic procedures produce contaminations, for example, ground-level ozone. It likewise fuels heat-related sicknesses.

A Green Roof In Atlanta Will Ensure Your Roofing Lasts Longer

Green Roofs capture the sunlight based radiation that would strike dull rooftop surfaces and be changed over into warmth in this manner improving vitality protection. Like urban timberlands and intelligent material surfaces they retain and additionally avoid sunlight based radiation with the goal that it doesn’t deliver heat. An ASHRAE reenactment directed by the City of Atlanta of their City Hall Green Roof demonstrated that each one degree Fahrenheit abatement in surrounding air temperature results in a 1.2% drop in cooling vitality use.

The examination recommends that if over a time of ten years or increasingly, the majority of the structures in Atlanta were retrofitted with Green Roofs, (30% of the all-out land region), this would yield investment funds of $ 100,000,000 every year from decreased cooling load necessities in the majority of the structures in Atlanta. The cooling would likewise moderate the synthetic procedures that produce ground-level ozone, nitrous oxides, and exhaust cloud, and help counterbalance the creation of sulfur dioxides from coal terminated utilities.

The Environmental Protection Agency characterizes a urban warmth island (UHI) as a metropolitan zone which is altogether hotter than its environment. On sweltering summer days, urban air can be 2-10°F [2-6°C] more smoking than the encompassing wide open. Green rooftops for organizations in Atlanta GA can work to diminish urban warmth islands, limit heat-engrossing surfaces, give improved air quality, as well as help with tempest water maintenance and filtration.

Re-Roofing With A Green Roof Is Saving Atlanta Residents Money

Green Roofs can be intended for uncommon tempest water maintenance ability. The plants catch and hold water. Water put away in the developing media is discharged through dissipation and evapotranspiration. Tempest water degrees of consistency are dictated by soaked penetration limit, the thickness of the developing media, field limit, porosity, under-waste layer water maintenance and stream, and alleviation channel separating. Where locales request parcel level tempest water charges, zero overflow strategies, or a prerequisite for tempest water the board lakes, this capacity to hold tempest water may result in immediate and circuitous budgetary impetuses.

Green Roofs likewise channel out fine, an airborne particulate issue as the air disregards the plants. Airborne particulates will, in general, get caught in the surface regions of the greenery. Downpours wash it into the developing medium underneath. Plants likewise ingest vaporous contaminations through photosynthesis and sequester them in their leaves. Studies demonstrate that tree-lined urban lanes have 10 – 15% fewer residue particles than found than comparative roads without trees.

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Try Green Roofs Today

By making a utilitarian and stylish condition, all TectaGreen green rooftops give visual intrigue to organizations in Atlanta. Be that as it may, an escalated green rooftop framework, trees, and bushes can be incorporated just as other bigger plants in a more extensive assortment. This green space is frequently an enticing and well-used region giving a green rest in a urban setting.

By shielding rooftop films from extraordinary temperature changes and bright radiation, a TectaGreen™ green rooftop can twofold the life expectancy of a regular rooftop, and give vitality investment funds by decreasing warming and cooling costs. Alpha Omega Atlanta can likewise improve site use by decreasing the impenetrable surface zone of a structure to expand the potential area for development. Furthermore, in light of the fact that Alpha Omega complies with the thorough Green Building Rating System principles made by the U.S. Green Building Council, there are inborn investment funds incorporating Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) confirmation for tax reductions. The LEED program was made to give a national standard to the structure business. The Alpha Omega framework contributes legitimately towards a limit of 3 points. These focuses create assessment credit in numerous states, including Atlanta.

Roofings Systems Soltions & How To Save Money

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Roofing Systems How To Save Money & Get A Good Roof

Our Roof System and not only can you put your concerns to rest, but you will also save money (ROI), and time. At Roofing Systems we back our roofs with our non-prorated, renewable material warranties and factory warranties.

However, the most important warranty is the relationship that we establish with you, the customer. We feel that your roof is as important as our roof.

You can also turn to us for your roof maintenance needs. Just as you perform maintenance on your vehicles, your roof needs to be assessed yearly.

With a New Roof System installed on your building, you will have a dependable roof system that will allow you to spend more time on your business, have fewer concerns and also save money.

Stops Rust and Leaks On Your New Or Old Roof

Reflective White Top Coat
Reduces Energy Costs
Durable Waterproof Finish
Low Maintenance
Renewable Roof System
Eliminates Metal Replacement or
Tear Off

Once a roofing system has been properly installed, it must be inspected and maintained. When inspections are regular, small defects can be detected and repaired before they turn into major failures.
The economic burden of such neglect is generally many times the cost of an ongoing roof maintenance program, especially if the program includes regular inspections.

The roof should be inspected in the spring and in the fall after the leaves have fallen, when it is dry and surface temperatures are less than 80 F. It also should be checked after any severe wind, rain, hail, or snow storm.

Inspection Program The intent of roof inspections is to find irregularities that make the roof susceptible to damage. The investigation should cover roof history, design, current problems, testing, and evaluations.

Our Roof Systems can, for a very nominal fee (usually .02 to .05 per square foot, depending on the roof) provide roof inspections and maintenance agreements.

Durable Seamless Waterproof Covering
Slope Low Areas
Eliminates Ponding Water
Bonds Tightly
Lightweight yet Extremely Strong
Eliminates Tear Off
Superior Insulating Quality
Reduces Energy Costs
Low Maintenance
Eliminates Condensation Problems
Renewable Roof System

Energy Efficient
Highly Reflective
Cooler Roof Surface
Extended Roof Life

Loose rust and scale are removed by wire brushing, scraping, or sandblasting. All field-applied coatings must be removed. Galvanized metal surfaces are acidly etched to remove oil, dirt, and debris and are thoroughly rinsed with water, and allowed to dry completely. Rusty areas are primed.

  • Millions of square feet of black EPDM roofing in the U.S. needs to be replaced or re-coated.
  • Conklin has developed a system that provides the benefits of reflectivity or waterproofing and reflectivity without removing or replacing the existing membrane.
  • The Conklin system is a 3-step process using two new products (WAC II and Conklin Tack Coat) and the proven performance of Rapid Roof III.

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