Roofings Systems Soltions & How To Save Money


Roofing Systems How To Save Money & Get A Good Roof

Our Roof System and not only can you put your concerns to rest, but you will also save money (ROI), and time. At Roofing Systems we back our roofs with our non-prorated, renewable material warranties and factory warranties.

However, the most important warranty is the relationship that we establish with you, the customer. We feel that your roof is as important as our roof.

You can also turn to us for your roof maintenance needs. Just as you perform maintenance on your vehicles, your roof needs to be assessed yearly.

With a New Roof System installed on your building, you will have a dependable roof system that will allow you to spend more time on your business, have fewer concerns and also save money.

Stops Rust and Leaks On Your New Or Old Roof

Reflective White Top Coat
Reduces Energy Costs
Durable Waterproof Finish
Low Maintenance
Renewable Roof System
Eliminates Metal Replacement or
Tear Off

Once a roofing system has been properly installed, it must be inspected and maintained. When inspections are regular, small defects can be detected and repaired before they turn into major failures.
The economic burden of such neglect is generally many times the cost of an ongoing roof maintenance program, especially if the program includes regular inspections.

The roof should be inspected in the spring and in the fall after the leaves have fallen, when it is dry and surface temperatures are less than 80 F. It also should be checked after any severe wind, rain, hail, or snow storm.

Inspection Program The intent of roof inspections is to find irregularities that make the roof susceptible to damage. The investigation should cover roof history, design, current problems, testing, and evaluations.

Our Roof Systems can, for a very nominal fee (usually .02 to .05 per square foot, depending on the roof) provide roof inspections and maintenance agreements.

Durable Seamless Waterproof Covering
Slope Low Areas
Eliminates Ponding Water
Bonds Tightly
Lightweight yet Extremely Strong
Eliminates Tear Off
Superior Insulating Quality
Reduces Energy Costs
Low Maintenance
Eliminates Condensation Problems
Renewable Roof System

Energy Efficient
Highly Reflective
Cooler Roof Surface
Extended Roof Life

Loose rust and scale are removed by wire brushing, scraping, or sandblasting. All field-applied coatings must be removed. Galvanized metal surfaces are acidly etched to remove oil, dirt, and debris and are thoroughly rinsed with water, and allowed to dry completely. Rusty areas are primed.

  • Millions of square feet of black EPDM roofing in the U.S. needs to be replaced or re-coated.
  • Conklin has developed a system that provides the benefits of reflectivity or waterproofing and reflectivity without removing or replacing the existing membrane.
  • The Conklin system is a 3-step process using two new products (WAC II and Conklin Tack Coat) and the proven performance of Rapid Roof III.

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